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Social Bookmarking For SEO

Social bookmarking is still a relatively new SEO technique but it’s one that’s growing in popularity all the time, particularly amongst the blogging community. So is this an effective SEO technique or could your time be best spent on other forms of SEO?

Well using social bookmarking solely for SEO purposes does have it’s drawbacks. For a start you will find that many bookmarking sites ‘nofollow’ all of their links so if you do link to your site, apart from getting a small trickle of traffic, it will effectively be a waste of time because the search engines will not give you any credit for these links.

So it’s important that you spend some time looking for sites that provide ‘dofollow links’. This is time consuming in itself but another time-consuming aspect of social bookmarking is that if you do want to effectively link to your own websites, you should also link to several other websites as well to make your links appear natural. If you just link to your own sites then you will eventually find yourself being banned.

These are some of the disadvantages of social bookmarking, but there are some positive aspects about social bookmarking as well. The main one is that you can obtain high search engine rankings for many of your inner pages, whether you run a blog or a website.

When you post your link on a popular social bookmarking site and match the link to the title of your web page or blog post (which should ideally be a low competition long-tail keyword or phrase), you will find that’s it’s very easy to obtain high rankings. You will also find that your page will be indexed and appearing in the search engines within just a few hours.

So even though these links are often considered to be low quality, they can help you achieve high rankings for those keywords with low competition. Over time the traffic you receive as a result of high search engine rankings for all of these long tail keywords can really add up.

So overall I think social bookmarking is an excellent SEO technique, at least in terms of getting your inner pages ranked highly. For greater success you should of course optimize your home page as well in order to establish your site as an authority site, but this will generally require you to use many other forms of SEO as well.


March 7, 2009 - Posted by | Search Engine optimization

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