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It’s Computer Science, Not SEO Magic

There’s been much ado across the SEO blogosphere about Google changing algorithms to give big brands a boost. “While Google has made statements regarding the recent so-called ‘brand bias’ algorithm update, the fact remains we’re unsure of what it is,” David Harry told OnlineMediaDaily.

While some people in the search marketing world have donned their tin-foil hats, it isn’t algorithmically feasible to target brands, he said. What we see is related to “Web site authority (trust) and is triggered in a limited set of query types.”
Harry writes in his blog post: “My bitch, (as always) is how some SEOs are now talking about the ‘brand algo’ and theories on what is causing the effect (one person even asked if ‘bounce rates’ were the cause *#$&@ ) which does little to make us look like we know much about search engines beyond how to spell the words.” So he describes further what he thinks is at play.


March 7, 2009 - Posted by | Search Engine optimization

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